A tranquil meadow of outstanding natural beauty

Usk Castle Chase is perfect for simple burials and gives you complete freedom to choose how to conduct the ceremony and how much or little to be involved in the practical arrangements.

Choose an earth-friendly coffin, made from willow, a simple pine casket, an artful papier-mache
Eco-pod, or a minimal cardboard coffin.

Gatherings for funerals

Usk Castle is five minutes drive from the burial meadow and is the perfect place to accommodate your funeral needs. Choose between two venues, the Tithe Barn or The Castle Green, as a place to gather with friends and family in memory of a loved one.

You may choose to conduct a ceremony, whether it humanist or religious, before going on to the burial meadow, or gather after the funeral for tea and food. Rosie at Usk Castle can aid you in choosing the right venue for you, give you options for catering companies if you require one, or simply help keep things smooth at a difficult time.

For more details and pricing on gatherings at the Castle, please contact Rosie at info@uskcastle.com

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